People who send Pottermore Feedback

If you put reply back

They are always going to thank you.

It doesn’t mean that they are actually actively on the case.

It doesn’t mean they actually care.

It just means they thank you for giving them feedback.

 A person gave personal data to Pottermore and they were thanked.

A person reported above person about the personal data and they were also thanked.

Their thanks mean nothing. It doesn’t mean they support you in anyway.

We at a Slytherin group made the mistake of putting our trust in Alice - one of the mods. We thought since she was responding back, she must be on the case.

We were wrong.

Never thought us Slytherins could be overly trusting.

The cheaters will not be banned apparently (because Unicorncat [the saboteur that was bugging Ravenclaw], Magicblood/queenrook [double account] and SeekerJinx [ one of two saboteurs bugging Slytherin] are still online and are well)

Apparently, they are just looking for ways to prevent the situation from repeating itself. They have stopped all the obvious cheats and I’m sure are working on a way to stop multiple accounts. However, I have given up hope on them actually banning anyone.

It hasn’t happened yet and the Magicblood/queenrook complaints happened on week one.

Report the incidences because they will fix the way the person is getting ahead. But don’t expect banning and laugh about how people will get banned. All the people ever mentioned as cheaters are still on the site. I checked and I think Seekerjinx is still blowing up cauldrons. Well, I hope he goes bankrupt soon D<

Just do what you must, and I guess don’t even think about those people. After all, it would just make you angry. I’m going to just brew my potions patiently and hope that karma will make them lose Internet service.

Hey, a Slytherin can dream.

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